The Importance of Preparing Early for SAT

Over two million students take the SAT annually and while the exam has had its share of controversy since its commencement, it remains one of the most important aspects of college admissions. For numerous people, exam time is one of the most stressful aspects of schooling. Furthermore, there can be a high level of pressure to perform well, especially when there’s so much riding on the results.

The SAT is an entrance exam that most universities and colleges use to make admissions decisions and most people would agree that early preparation is vital.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test that determines the educational opportunities you’ll have after high school and while every school differs in its admissions standards and requirements, the vast majority of universities and colleges still value it as a quantitative guideline to measure your potential for academic success.

Generally, the SAT is one of the two most vital parts of a college application with the other being GPA or grade point average. Therefore, investing the time in preparation will boost your chances of getting admission into your ideal institution.

If you’re wondering whether early preparation is worth it, this list of reasons will convince you otherwise.

Benefits of Early SAT Preparation
  • Academic Success
Early preparation can help students find educational success in high school and middle school. In fact, young students who begin preparation typically focus on the writing and reading sections since the math section frequently includes information they aren’t ready for. Consequently, students who start studying the SAT’s writing and reading sections at an early stage acquire higher critical reading skills, broader vocabularies, and better writing abilities than their peers do. Experts further assert that the verbal skills will help them succeed at all education levels before college attendance.
  • Know Your Stand
When you prepare for the SAT and complete it the first time, you’ll have a rough idea of where you stand in the admission process. Therefore, you’ll know whether the exam is a restrictive factor in college admissions. You’ll also know how to balance your effort between the SAT and other admission factors.
  • Higher Likelihood of Better Performance
Most students dislike the idea of studying for an extended period because they imagine a horrifying daily struggle. They also find it hard to imagine dedicating a considerable amount of time for test preparation, which includes studying for hours daily. However, if you prepare well for the test, there’s no need to worry over whether it will disrupt your life.
  • Complete SAT as soon as Possible
Junior and senior year tend to be stressful and you’ll be applying to various colleges, trying to obtain the highest possible GPA. Furthermore, these will be the prime years to partake in various competitions that will affect your college applications. Therefore, you don’t want the stress of uncertain scores to increase the pressure. Consider early preparation and you could do away with the SAT by the time you’re in your junior and senior year. Final Thoughts Are you thinking of postponing the SATs until the last minute? Bear in mind that starting early gives you more time to prepare and you’ll have a better opportunity for absorbing the information. Start preparing early and increase your likelihood of success.

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