What Does Madonna Have in Common With a Welder From Iowa?

A third seat is the obvious answer. Recent news articles herald a new baby boom in America. Many famous couples like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett have three or more children, Madonna has five or six, and even non-Hollywood families are experiencing a decided increase in their children population. The parents in these families are not low-income, uneducated or religious couples as is the old stereotype. High-earning professional couples who love being parents – especially moms — are opting to have multiple offspring, just as the 1950s parents did.
This can mean a seating problem in most large passenger vehicles, such as SUVs. So, adding a third seat as an extra seat, just for kids, is a necessity. This is true even with vehicles that might normally accommodate the family – what about when grandma visits or cousins and other extended family are involved in an outing? The need for an extra seat for children is obvious and the demand will be growing in the next few years, at least. A safe, secure, affordable extra seat is desirable; one that can be installed easily but soundly and is as comfortable as the factory seats in the vehicle.

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