Why Were You Born?

Author: Rev. Fred R. Coulter Published by York Publishing Company Post Office Box 1038 Hollister, California 95024-1038 ISBN  978-0-9961757-0-8 Copyright 2016 https://www.cbcg.org/ By Michael Leppert The Reverend Fred Coulter has over 50 years of experience as an ordained minister and a scholar of the Biblical languages. Rev. Coulter has created a translation of the Bible In Its Original Order that is refreshing and helpful in understanding how the books of both Testaments were intended to be arranged. Rev. Coulter has written a vast array of books about Christianity and his newest is this inspiring and thought-provoking book, “Why Were You Born?” From the Foreword: “In our hectic world, people rarely take the time to ask, let alone really ponder: What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is the purpose of mankind?  And for those who do ask, where can they turn for answers? Steeped in evolution, the world’s universities don’t know the answer—they only mock the question. Science, which relies solely on what can be seen and measured, can only offer a theory. Our political leaders, who are invested mostly in maintaining the status quo and winning the next election, don’t have a clue.” Amen to that. Rev. Coulter goes on to set forth the beliefs of the other major religions of the world and also the beliefs of the “intellectual elite, who do not conform to a religious point of view. Denying the existence of a Creator God, these people are left with Darwinism, which is being shown to be bankrupt and non-valid. Rev. Coulter explains the deeper and correct meanings of Scripture by pointing out the accurate meanings of Greek or Aramaic or Hebrew words and his translation greatly alters our understanding of the New Testament. For instance, in I John 3:9, the traditional rendering is that everyone who is born again does not commit sin. Since it is virtually impossible for any of us to never commit sin, this passage can cause anxiety and despair when one confronts his still-sinful-actions, no matter how slight. Rev. Coulter however, points out in detail that the phrase should read “Everyone who has been begotten by God does not practice sin.”  Practicing sin is completely different from falling off of the sinless wagon and the difference is uplifting! Reverend Fred Coulter’s book is an excellent resource for every Christian and even for those who enjoy contemplating their existence and the reasons for it. Any thinking person can benefit from Rev. Coulter’s insight and will have his/her curiosity piqued! MjL