Wooden Deckle

Wooden Deckle – Papermaking Supplies & Information Wooden Deckle Paper Making Kits and Supplies 709 Bayhill Ave. Twin Lakes, WI  53181 www.woodendeckle.com 262-877-8136 by Emerson Sandow Deckle: A frame used to contain pulp on the mold in the making of handmade paper. Deckles can be wood or steel. Imagine the pleasure and pride your children can experience from making their own gift cards and special ‘Thank you” letters from scratch! Not only will the artwork be original and hand-drawn, but even the paper will be custom-made by them! Nothing is more personal! Wooden Deckle is a company in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, that offers papermaking kits, supplies and guidance, for making all sorts of paper products – bookmarks, business cards, 5x7 paper, square pages and notecard molds and wooden deckles to go with the molds. You can recycle paper or make your own pulp with easy-to-obtain ingredients and using a kitchen blender. Elizabeth Wank, owner of Wooden Deckle, received numerous requests from purchasers of her pressed flower gift cards to also buy her handmade paper. Soon she was teaching paper making classes and helping people make their own pressed flower art with handmade paper, and that led to the development of the Wooden Deckle line of paper making kits. Paper is one of the most significant objects in our lives. Prior to modern technology, all permanent information had to be disseminated using paper – either printed or handwritten – so, the modern world would not exist without paper. Although the ancient Egyptians and Phoenicians were writing hundreds of years before Christ, using papyrus (plant fibers) to write on, actual paper making began with the ancient Chinese, and the earliest piece of paper found was in Gansu province, inscribed with a map, dating from 179-41 BC. Wooden Deckle’s kits and products, provide an excellent way to incorporate world history into a fun and valuable activity and will instruct about the value of recycling, as well. One of the Wooden Deckle kits focuses on using varieties of recycled paper to make new paper; so in a sense, papermaking with WD products can become a unit study, with paper as the central topic. The Wooden Deckle line of kits are very affordable and are 100% American made, assembled in Wisconsin. The boxes and labels are assembled by local physically challenged people, enabling them to perform valuable and meaningful work. Please visit the Wooden Deckle website, to see the entire line of kits and supplies and open the door to this wondrous object we often take for granted — www.woodendeckle.com.