Word Workout Program from The Word Workshop

http://www.thewordworkshop.com The Word Workshop’s workbooks and computer programs are designed to help students in junior high, high school, community college, or adult education programs. These materials are appropriate for students who . . . need to improve their current academic performance, and may have hopes or plans for further schooling … perhaps a college degree, BUT
  • have a problem reading long words, even those in their everyday speaking vocabulary, like allergic, spectacular and pedestrian and tend to guess at the identity of words like these, and often mistake one long word for another.
For students like these, the Word Workshop’s unique multisensory word attack method brings a welcome relief from guessing and stumbling over longer words. Using this highly effective method, students achieve pronunciations so accurate and natural that the words are immediately recognized. Freed from the struggle with sounds, they can now direct their efforts toward comprehension and vocabulary building, as all successful readers do. The classroom-tested Word Workout workbook, like the computer program, teaches a quick but reliable technique for dividing long words into syllables. At the same time, students learn a routine for building up a smooth, accurate, and immediately recognizable pronunciation. The workbook is recommended for students aged 12 to adult who have a reading level of grade 5 or higher and can read one- and two-syllable words fairly well. Such students appreciate the fact that the lessons are clearly designed for their age group and not for young children. Since its primary focus is on words of three syllables or more, Word Workout provides an excellent follow-up to popular Orton-Gillingham-based training programs. Some more elementary topic are reviewed as well, including short-, long-, and r-controlled vowel sounds, the rule for sounds of c and g, and spelling changes when endings like -ing, -ed, and -s are added to words. The workbook teaches the same method as the computer program, but includes some additional topics, and its exercises include phrases, sentences and paragraphs as well as single words. The workbook can be used alone or in combination with the computer program. For students who need intensive training, doing a workbook lesson with a teacher and then practicing the same concepts on the computer is highly beneficial. Word Workout is especially useful for the high school student who hopes to go on to college but has problems recognizing longer words. It can also be very helpful in GED preparation. A two-page teacher’s guide and a list of suggestions for spelling practice are included. ALSO AVAILABLE with purchase of the Word Workout workbook: A testing kit with lists of test words and suggestions for testing. Materials for a poster that summarizes the basic steps and rules, and can  be attached to a 22″ x 28″ poster board. To obtain either of these free items, please include a written request with order.
  • An answer key, showing the correct marking for words in the Word Workout workbook exercises, is also available upon request. The 19-page document is sent as an e-mail attachment; please specify MS Word or PDF format. NB: Please note that teachers still need to hear students pronounce the words.
PRICE of workbook: $20.00 (Plus local sales tax for Ohioans). To order, see ORDERING INFORMATION below.  Or, if you prefer to pay by credit card, you can purchase the Word Workout workbook at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Word-Workout-Nancy-K-Lewkowicz/dp/0985734914.